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Kente Fabrics

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Economy Fabric: Kente Print - 12 Yards

Sku: T-5008
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

Economy Fabric: Yellow Kente - 12 Yards

Very minor imperfections in this fabric at a giant bargain price.More economical than other 12 yard bolt kente fabrics we sell.100% cotton. Each bolt is 45" wide. Sold only in 12 yard pieces. Made in India. T-5004
Sku: T-5004
Wholesale: $19.95 Retail: $39.90

African Kente Print Fabric #1 - 12 Yards

Connect with the culture and style of Africa
Nothing captures the vibrant African vibe quite like kente cloth. The history of African kente cloth goes back to the 12th century, when these colorful fabrics were worn by African royalty. The name kente comes from the word "kenten" (basket), because of the cloth's resemblance to a basket-woven design. Each kente pattern is distinct and has its own special meaning. Many people around the globe are proudly wearing kente cloth today to show their unique sense of fashion and their connection to the motherland. In addition to clothing, kente cloth prints can be used to create crafts, decorations, throw rugs, table cloths, etc. 100% cotton. Fabric produced in India.45" wide. Fabric weighs 4 oz./yard. T-1309
Sku: T-1309
Wholesale: $37.95 Retail: $37.95

African Kente Fabric - 12 Yards

African Kente printed Fabric. 12 yards x 44". Made in India. Fabric weighs 4 oz./yard. T-1801
Sku: T-1801
Wholesale: $35.95 Retail: $35.95

African Kente Wax Print Fabric

Sku: T-2093
Wholesale: $35.95 Retail: $35.95

Kente Fabric: Orange/Blue/Green

Sku: T-1845
Wholesale: $35.95 Retail: $35.95

Kente Fabric: Red/Blue/Green/Orange

Sku: T-1846
Wholesale: $35.95 Retail: $35.95

African Kente Fabric

Sku: T-1831
Wholesale: $28.76 Retail: $35.95