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Masks & Wood Carvings

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Kenyan Hand-Carved Cane

Get the constant best-seller!
Experience the power of African style with hand-carved canes from Kenya. These impeccable works of art double as functional walking sticks. Designs all vary. Designs can not be ordered individually). This is carved from wood from the Jacaranda tree. Approx. 37” tall. Orders of 4 or more canes incur oversized shipping costs. Made in Kenya. A-WC640
Sku: A-WC640
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90

11-12" Giraffe

The giraffe is an animal that brings to your mind the savanna-jungle area of Africa. This hand carved wooden figure is sure to add a unique, exotic touch to your home. Small enough to fit on any desk, stand or table. Large enough to be noticed and admired. This is carved from wood from the Jacaranda tree. 11-12" tall and economically priced. Ordering 12 or more can incur oversized shipping. Made in Kenya. A-WC621
Learn about African artisans

Sku: A-WC621
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

Set Of 2: Ashanti Fertility Idols - 4-5"

Sku: A-E023
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Dark Wood Animal

Sku: A-WC695
Wholesale: $4.95 Retail: $9.90

12" Giraffe Couple

Capture Romance
Discover a new feeling with this 12" giraffe couple. Hand-carved of solid wood. This is carved from wood from the Jacaranda tree. Ordering more than 12 can incur oversized shipping. Made in Kenya. A-WC622

Sku: A-WC622
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90

Set Of 5 African Animal Wood Carvings

Hand carved from muhugu wood, this set of five safari animals includes: an elephant, a giraffe, a leopard, a lion, and, a zebra.

Unique decorative accents or, a themed gift for adults or children alike. Animals measure 2.5 to 3 inches long, 1.5 inches to 4 inches tall.

As with hand-crafted product, item shape and coloration will vary. Dimensions are close approximations. A-WC656

Sku: A-WC656
Wholesale: $2.95 Retail: $5.90

5-6" Maasai Mask

Explore your exotic side
This 5-6" Maasai Mask gives your home that touch of mystery and ethnicity that you've always wanted. Completely hand-carved in Kenya, and hand-painted. Color varies slightly on each mask. A-WC600

Sku: A-WC600
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Set Of 2: Ashanti Fertility Idols - 8"

Sku: A-E022
Wholesale: $5.95 Retail: $11.90

8" Wood Giraffe

Beautifully carved and hand-painted wooden giraffe. 8" tall. Made in Kenya. A-WC699
Sku: A-WC699
Wholesale: $3.95 Retail: $7.90

Medium Ghana Fang Mask - Symbol Black

Engraved Fang Mask
These hand-crafted masks are engraved with famous African symbols, like the gye nyame symbol or the sankofa bird. Approx. 15”-20” tall. Made in Ghana. Each piece is different. Photos shown here are representative of general look only. Orange color is unusual. A-WC967
Sku: A-WC967
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90

Africa Animals Wood Plaque

Sku: A-WC053
Wholesale: $14.95 Retail: $29.90

Giraffe Mask 14"

Sku: A-WC604
Wholesale: $11.95 Retail: $23.90