Hear What Other People Say:





"The order was just great. We are very happy with the orders we have been receiving from Africa Imports. Thank you so much for the way our orders are processed and the way we receive them. The selections are great and we can find so many different things for our customers and our home. Thank you for many great ideas to choose from. You are doing a wonderful job." -Terry and Venita from Cincinnati, Ohio.


"The clothing was great, my Daughter is going to be Maya Angelou for her wax museum event at school tomorrow. My husband and I think she looks amazing thanks to your clothing!!!" -Melinda from Canton, MI


"I just wanted you to know how much the people love the business cards that I have from Africa Imports...I have been using this down time to spread them and the catalogs around." -Marcus III from Los Angeles, CA

"The purchase of the fabric was to create hip scarves for an event for the Multiple Sclerosis. Our fundraising team "Tribal Spirit" will dance a tribal choreography. As you can see, we needed a special fabric with a design that would symbolize our name. The fabric is exquisite and I'm looking forward to cutting and creating the scarves, as well as head and arm bands. Multiple Sclerosis is a devastating disease and it's so symbolic and meaningful for us to wear on our person fabric that we purchased from an organization that helps feed children in Africa." - Glenda White from Yardley, PA


"My order arrived as scheduled, and everything was in excellent condition. I am very satisfied with the superior level of customer service provided by all members of you company. Because of that most of my purchases are from Africa Imports!" -Loretta from Fresno, CA


"All I can say is three words...I'm Lovin' It! And I'm not talkin' about Mc Donalds Restaurant! The fabric design of the clothing is so beautiful! My husband and I went out, and He loved it! He recommends me to do more and more business with you! I order the soaps from you, and my customer's love them!!! Love You Guy's and keep the business rollin'!" - Celeste from St. Louis, MO

"I have received two orders from you so far, and I am 100% happy with everything. You have a great company. Thank you for the good service." -Becky from Milwaukee, WI

"I have received my startup kit. and I am very please with it all. I have started to line up my customers at the building that I live in as of now. I am going all of the way with the products because I like them for myself too."
- Joseph & Joseh from CLEVELAND, OH

"I received my new business kit a few weeks ago, and am hard pressed to let go of any product for sales! I LOVE IT ALL, AND SO DO MY FIRST SAMPLE RECIPIENTS. 

Your Customer Service Reps are exemplary and such a pleasure to work with. And I thank you, Wayne, for this company and its mission. That is why I chose to begin this business. I love my people and anyone who tries to help them is alright with me." - Maria d'Paxxe from Lahaina, HI

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I got my order today, delivered it to my customer and she was so pleased. Your company is the best!!!!" - Torry from ORLANDO, FL

"I received my order and I have already sold the two dresses. I received. Also I see you sell African dolls. I'm looking to open up a nice size store with your products." - Marilyn from Woodbury, TN

"All I can say is that I'm so glad I found you all and started doing business with you. Love You Guys!!!!! The products are beyond compare." - Jackie from Oak Park, IL

"Of course I love my order. Look forward to increasing both my order's and sales. It's been an absolute pleasure to experience your products and I'm very excited about doing more business." - Aakhu Shetet from Dallas, TX

"For me it's just great and am so happy to buy as much I can to bring Africa to the next level, I cant wait to start selling full time business with AFRICAN IMPORTS. Thanks once again to bring what a beautiful joy to people."
- Deborah from Finland

"I am very satisfied with the products that I have received. It gives me great joy to know that the things I purchase are helping Africa. When I order and see the number of meals provided for the children and families, I pray that I could do more. I explain to my customers that by purchasing these products they are helping to provide food, clothing and shelter for the poor families in Africa, and they want to do more. So know that I love what Africa Imports is all about."
- Crolyn from Houston, TX

"The fans were beautiful and sturdy! The color and design selection were perfect! The leather handles also are a very nice customized touch that spoke to the quality of the item. I would definitely order these again!"

"Your selection of oil is quite impressive and they keep my home smelling good."
- Shaina from Fort Lee, VA

"We were absolutely thrilled with the costumes - the fabric was actually a nice surprise - as we were expecting something more coarse, so the overall reaction was very well received. Thanks also for your quick shipping - everything was wonderful, and the outfits greatly enhanced the mood of the party. We've placed your brochures throughout our offices - you have some wonderful products, and we'll be sure to order from you again."
- Linda from SAN DIEGO, CA

"I love the Sandalwood is going to sell well and the red Egyptian musk as these are unusual scents for this town. Oh, the classic patchouli is also quite nice, everything else was beautiful as expected and I must make a note to myself to purchase some of those little cups for shea butter, as natural items tend to have to grow on this population.:
- Aakhu from Dallas, TX

"My family and I operate three small businesses in Nassau they all carry the perfume oils, Shea butter and black soap. We all agree that out of the eight stores we have ordered oils from before you have some of the best dupes we have ever purchased, your notes are almost perfect and we know because we have been ordering oils every month from 2008.Your customer service is excellent keep up the good work."
- Riquel from Nassau, FL

"Thank you for your continued professional customer service. Everything went well with my order. A call was received from my customer and she was surprised that the package arrived so quickly. Africa Imports has the items I love to market and my customers like to purchase."
- Judith from PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL

"Everything is wonderful. The pain and arthro spray really works. I will be ordering again and tell others."
- Gabriella from Lamar, SC

"The products have more than met my expectations. Everything is beautiful and high quality. Thank you so much!"
- Keisa from Castro Valley, CA

" I cannot believe the prices, but even more exciting is the products themselves...... the lucious ingredients in everything. Nowhere can we Americans find pure products, and very nearly everything has healing properties. And they work. Unfortunately I do not have an unlimited budget, so am still working on my next order, which should be ready in a day or two. I am just constantly finding more and more things that "I just have to have". Trouble is, I want everything, from the butters, to hair care products, to art and clothing. I have the art poster and African flags framed. Most of these products are appropriate for every one. I just have to educate people. I am very excited about this small endeavor."
- Charlene from Conway, AZ

"Fabulous--lots of good cloth for our dancer/tailor to work with--very pleased, especially with the abundance of kente print at the closeout price!"
- Gregory from Louisville, KY

"We had an African celebration evening at our school. I hired a wonderful Drum Ensemble, we had food from African Restaurants and your products accentuated the evening wonderfully as many of us had Kente Dashikis to wear and the kids loved accompanying the drummers with the rattles."- Karen from Woburn, MA

I love all the products that was sent and really like the shea butter because I have dry skin and is helping a lot so thanks and telling others about africa imports." - Fawzia from Apple Valley, MN

"I got the chance to wear the Massai necklace for a photo-shoot attached is a picture." - Gazania from San Lorenzo, CA

"I have sold Shea Butter soap, & the raw shea butter to a couple of my church members. I have given out samples of the Dudu Osum Shea Butter Healing Lotion. I simply love it. It has a smooth texture feeling and smells great on the skin leaving it soft and moisturized for hours." - Tedria from Indianapolis, IN

"The start- up kit that I purchased is great! I love the products that are included in this starter package. I have already started telling my friends about the products and will have my first home party to introduce them them to these amazing products. Thank you for following up."- Pontecianafrom Phoenix, AZ

"Just wanted you to see how WONDERFUL everything looks on stage.  I used the Dashiki and kaftans as costumes for a show.  I have gotten SO many compliments and half of the cast wants to buy theirs after the show closes. Thank you and the rest of the staff at Africa Imports for your help and prompt service." - Beth from Nashua, NH

"I am quite happy with the service I received from your company. I was fortunate to have bought the Dudu Osum shampoo at a craft fair last year when my husband and I were on vacation. I could not locate any in the South Bend, IN area, so I was very glad to find it readily available when I checked online." - Linda from South Bend, IN

"We LOVE the mudcloth. There is a program at our local library for the homeschool community called Art Around the World. My son participated in the class where they featured Mali mud cloth traditions. Wonderful! We built a frame for the 4 color mudcloth we bought from you and have it hanging on the wall in the family room. It is a beautiful piece of art. Thank-you! - Don from Albuquerque, NM


"My son loves the outfit! He is doing a world project on Zimbabwe for Social Studies and each student must dress accordingly to their country. He is looking forward to sharing his information while wearing the authentic clothing."    -Kathy from Elmore, AL

"Took the drum for a few more spins this week and I'm happier still. Mudcloth bag is great, too."
- Pam from Barrington, NH

"Everything was better than what I expected; I made two sales the very first day that I received my kit and placed my first order the next day. I am reading up on and trying to get familiar with the products. My customers knew more about the products then I do."
- Walter from Kissimmee, FL

"It has been a pleasure ordering from Africa Imports. I have enjoyed the products so much; I told my sister who lives in Dallas about the products.

Also, I gave some shea butter to my niece in Arkansas. Her child constantly wakes up during the night because his eczema is so bad, it itches during the night. He scratches so much while sleeping, it leaves sore on his arms and legs. While visiting my niece in Arkansas, I told her to use my shea butter (from Africa Imports) on her child before he goes to sleep. He woke up only once during the night and 2 days later his sores had completely scabbed over. Shea butter is GOOD STUFF."
- Shirley from Grandview, MO

"I absolutely love the Nubian Heritage Shea Butter soap. I've given bars to people to try and now I have a few customers who love it as much as I do."
- Janice from Antioch, CA

"I need to thank you. I have received several new customers as a result of your listing my store contact information on your site. Right now, I no longer have a store-front but am operating out of my home; still I am able to meet the needs of the customer with your excellent turnaround time on shipping."
- Sharon from Indianapolis, IN

"I'm very happy with that wonderful grand boubou. Thank you. I'm completely satisfied."

Felix from Passugg, Switzerland

"I've been using Dudu Osun Soap for a yr. I use it all over but exclusively on my face. I went to see friends that I have not seen for 2 yrs. and they raved about how young I looked. Some said I looked 10 yrs. younger and asked if I was sure that I was the mom and not the daughter which is huge because I am 25 yrs. older. "  
- Lisa from Gambrills,MD

"I gave a girl at work some free soaps and a catalog and she gave me a $79 order the same day! The shea butter is starting clear blemishes I have on my face and it's also good for papercuts. I'll put in my order tomorrow. I'm using the profit to buy some more products I can show off. Thank you for your assistance."  
- Shelly from Dorchester, MA

“Yes, Wayne everything was great and really like the enclosed catalogues. Thanks so much.”
- Anna from Staten Island, NY  

“Thanks for the great customer service. I am very satisfied with the jewelry that I purchased. I will definitely be a returning customer.”
- Rachel from Cornelius, NC

“Yes everything was fine as usual, my customers love your oils.”
- Almira from Winston-Salem, NC  

“Thanks very much for your concern ,and it is very nice of doing business with you. I already sold the item. Thanks until next time.”
- Mohamed from Bronx, NY  

“I received the shea butter and it was fine. The quality is very good.”
- Colette from Bloomfield, CT  

“First off, thanks for inquiring. We all love the your products and forward to doing more business with you in the future.”
- Beverly from San Rafael, CA  

“Everything with my order was perfect...I am trying to establish some business contacts here in North Carolina to do some consignment projects.” 
 - Evangeline from Lewisville, NC

“The fabric is soo BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I can't wait upload on my website. Thanks so much!!!”
- Mechelle from Oakland, CA  

- James from Suitland, MD  

“yes, everything arrived on time as usual and the products are always A- 1”
- Anita from South Boston, VA  

“I do look forward to doing business with you in the very near future. I am a street vendor and the weather is just about to break and I have yet to consistently get out there.  I do find your business course very enlightening and I will be employing the concept.”
- Adrian from Washington, DC

“I love your products. I am wearing them and sell them in my shop. I especially like the cowry shell rings that we purchased for .98. They are so cute.”
- Laura from Saint Louis, MO  

“I am very happy with my order. I had been looking for replacement dishes for months and was very happy to see that a reliable site sold them online with paypal options.”
- Ms. Smith from Winthrop, MA  


“All the dashikis I ordered looked fantastic. We're actually doing a musical right now at the Middle School level set in the French Antilles, and the dashikis made their way onto 8 of our boys to become their costumes. They look fantastic, and the price was right, so thank you for your service! I am very pleased.”
- Nick from Saratoga, CA  

“My mom got the shea butter and loves it.  Thanks!”
- Carla from Lynchburg, VA  

“The outfits are beautiful. Thank you for the catalog.”
- Aasya from Baltimore, MD   

“Everything arrived as ordered, carefully packaged. As usual it is a pleasure doing business with you.”
- Deborah from Pittsburgh, PA   

"Thank you for following up Wayne! As usual, the timeliness of my order was superb. I received everything I needed. I am please to be a client of your company. Keep up the good work and the great customer service. The service is what keeps me returning.”
- Monique from Huntsville, AL   

“Thanks for my order. I am pretty satisfied with the my order. The white skirt and blouse set was gorgeous. The necklace set and brass bracelet with the elephant was also.”
- Ellen from Tacoma, WA   

“Yes. We loved everything we ordered and we will order from Africa Imports again in the future. Your customer service was also excellent. We were working with limited funds and short timing and everything worked out perfectly."
- Cathy from Stockton, CA   

“Thanks so much for following up! We love the African outfits and look forward to using them at our Passover celebration.”
- Sharon from New York, NY   

“My customers are very pleased with what I offer them. You make the prices to a place where folks always want to come back for more. They return to me each year I visit with Africa Import products.  I am totally spoiled, now. When I go to festivals or local cultural stores.. I just shrug my shoulders and say "Ha.. I know where I can get this item."
 - Olori from Atlanta, GA   

“All went well with my recent order. I especially love the Her Honey (IT WORKS!!) and will be adding that to my product line for my customers and clients. I expect to be making another purchase within the next month, as I prepare to start getting my inventory ready for the Spring/Summer festivals and flea markets.”
- Tonya from Lawton, OK   

“As always my orders are great, my customers are growing and I will be selling products at our local flea market this Saturday!”
- Anita from South Boston, VA   

“I really want to thank you for exceptional customer service.  I trade with many vendors of African products and I have yet to find anyone to match your service.  Everyone sells products but it seems like customer service is a dying art.  I am very satisfied with everything.  I was missing two items from my previous order but received them with my order today.”
- Ida from Albuquerque, NM   

“I received the order the very next day after I ordered it.  The service exceeded my expectation and the outfit was lovely.”
- Maximo from Willemstad, Curacao   

“As usual, I was extremely pleased with timing in which I received my order and the quality.  I recently relocated from Chicago to Kansas City and I am working on establishing a client base here.  The superb quality of the products you provide is making the transition quite easy.  Thank you!”
- Denean from Kansas City, KS   

“Thank you for checking in.  I tried to respond to the customer feedback but I could not figure out how to do it on your website.  I receive my order when you said I would and liked the mud cloth I choose. I’ll be ordering other items in the near future.  Nice doing business with you.”
- Marlene Stevens “Everything was great.  The mudcloth was beautiful.  Thanks for the follow-up.” 
- Steve Z. from Dallas, TX

“OMG, everything was just great!!!!!!!!!!! The church was very pleased on how I dressed up my Youth choir that Sunday morning.  With there appearance and performance, Presented to the church that Sunday. Thank you so much for being there for me. I had to search around until I found you. No more searching every. The price was right in making the right decision, specially when everything came out of my pocket. I look forward in doing business with you again, and again, and again. Keep me on your mailing list.”
- Reginald from Chicago, IL   

“each year my church does an "African dress" day for black history month. i have received 2 catalogs with all over the type of clothes from women, men to children that you offer. we will as a church order more outfits for that day because clothes around the Charleston, sc area is 5 times as high, so this is a great opportunity to give you more business.” 
- Veronica from North Charleston, SC   

“PRAISE THE MOST HIGH!!!!!! Thank You! I’m quite satisfied with your products, I’m impressed with the ingredients, the turn around is good, no long wait! Thanks again!”
- Cathy from Indianapolis, IN

“Everything was great! I placed an additional order for Kente cloth scarves. I can't wait for them to arrive."
- Tracey from Charlotte, NC   

“Thanks for the follow up communication! Nice touch.  Very pleased.  Quality and price great.  Shipping time unreal, cause I always need something yesterday.  Will be back, saw many interesting items. oh yeah, extra points for the customer service.”
- Debora from Louisville, KY   

“Wayne everything was fine I am very satisfied with this item c-wf191 in a 1x Thank you”
- Rosetta from Cedar Creek, TX   

“I just love my order and getting ready for another order very soon I want another order of soap goods I’m always looking for a good deal on soap."
- Charles from Brookhaven, PA   

“Thank you. Yes, the order arrived promptly and the mudcloth color is just as shown on your website. I was surprised to find it so heavy. It will be very suitable as a floorcloth. Thanks again.
 - Jeanne from Jacksonville, FL   

“Thank you for following-up with me.  I am highly impressed by the quality of the products I ordered and very excited to add authentic African products to my product line.  Also, a couple of friends and a local business have even expressed an interest in selling the products.  Hurray!

I am most interested in marketing hand-made, fairly traded products.  The informational flyers and booklets are good sales tools, as they provide insight as to how the products are produced and how/whether the artisans and their communities benefit from our purchases.  I hope that Africa Imports will continue to provide this type of information.

Thank you so much for your professionalism, growing product selection, accessibility to small businesses and for your social conscience.  Another order is on the way."
- Letitia from Roanoke, VA   

“Thank you for your concern.  My students really enjoy the poster calendars.  Every classroom how has a poster of President Obama.
- Mindel from Hillside, NJ   

“Yes everything was perfect with my order! I loved the oils which were packaged really nicely yet again. The sets were also really nice all of them were in perfect condition. I hope to make another order with Africa Imports in the near future. Thank you for the time you took out to make sure everything was ok.”
- Muslimah from Cincinnati, OH   

"Thank you for contact me regarding the order.  I made 2 purchases with africa import last week.  The first order, not sure of the number, was perfect. Got plenty of compliments on the dress.  The 2nd order was done on a Friday and the order number was CWS145.... That dress was also beautiful.  The next event we have, I will definitely use Africa Imports and will recommend  you to others." 
- Carla from Lubbock, TX

“Thank you so very much.  Everything was perfect and I'm really impressed with the displays.  They are a great size and do not take up a lot of room.
- Khadijah from Lackland, FL   

“Thank you so much.  Yes – everything was satisfactory – I had been worried about the sizing but it turned out to be just right.”
- Carol from New York, NY

“I actually was very satisfied. The products I ordered were all that I expected and more. Everyone was very satisfied with the selections. I got everything I ordered and it came in a timely fashion. I didn't have to wait more than three days to get it and I was not disappointed with how it came. Everything was neatly packaged and in great condition. I must say I am very pleased with your service and want to continue doing business with you. I actually have another order I want to make today.”
- Emerald from Rochester, NY

“I Was very satisfied with fast shipping and the product was just perfect. My 2 grand daughters had to sing and I had to emcee a black history program, we were beautiful. Thank you for such great products and service. “
- LaFrieda from Amelia, VA

“The outfit looked great on my grandson and the other children in his class was impressed. You guys are the BEST!!!!"
- Gail from Richmond, VA 

“Yes the Kenya walking cane is beautiful, I bought it for my sister who has MS she wanted a cane but not the normal metal cane. She loves it!”
- Marsha from Lawrence, KS   

“I loved my outfits and my mom loved the ones I ordered for her!  We both looked and felt fabulous!  Excellent workmanship and thanks for the prompt delivery, even with inclement weather on the eastern seaboard!”
- Glenda from Cleveland, OH   

“The outfits and T-Shirts were the best outfits in the Church Sanctuary.  My order came right on time. Many of our church members want to place an order with your company. I informed nine of the Church people about your catalog and website. Your product was high quality and a great price. Our church people will be your customers for next year black history month.“ 
- Elnora from Heartford, CT

“Thank you Mr. Kiltz for your follow up. I received the remainder of my order on Saturday. Thank you very much for your quick action on filling my order. My husband and I was on a Black History program Sunday and because of your quick action we were properly attired. I look forward to future purchases”
- Carolyn from Midway, GA

“I love the tea and the honey.  I introduced my mother and father to the Safari Spice tea.  They loved it.  I will be ordering more for my customers very soon.”
- Edwenia from Stamford, CT   

“ Yes, everything was great.  I enjoyed the fabric and  I made five African dance garments,  Thank you very much for asking.”
- Jeanie from Stafford, VA   

“The outfit is perfect, I purchased the Kente Pant Set for my four year old son who is going to be in a Black History performance this evening that kicks off our annual weekend celebration.  He will be performing two dances wearing your outfit.”
 - Ronda from Cathedral City, CA   

“Yes  love my order, as usual.  So glad you have the neem soap, it helps clear up my sensitive skin.  Everything was wonderful.”
- Lydia from Charlotte, NC   

“Yes I did receive my items, and was very pleased with them. It is hard to find plus size African wear. They did fit well and the ties were nice also.”
- Bonnie from San Antonio, TX   

“ It is always a great pleasure to place an order on your website, because we know that we are getting great quality and affordable products that meet our needs as well as our very own customers. We do appreciate your business and always look forward to more from you soon.”
- Charles from Chicago, Il   

“Everything was great and came on time, exactly as promised. The dress was great; scarf of good quality; the cow horn bracelet was very very large on would not stay on my arm but I wore it as an arm bracelet instead.  I had an African Cuisine Dinner to go to and I was a big hit very my attire.”
- Jane from Braunfels, TX


"Everything is great. The kaftans will be worn by 3 middle school girls who are participating in Junior United Nations Assembly. They are very pleased with their costumes."
- Susan from Vestavia, AL

"Dear Wayne, The fabric is perfect! I gave the catalogue you enclosed to a Black teacher at the daycare, and she was squealing with delight every time she turned a page. She said she and her daughter would go on a catalogue shopping spree. She usually has to drive to Atlanta for a good selection of
Africa-themed products and says your prices are way cheaper!"
- Melissa from Fairhope, AL

"I received my shipment and I am very pleased with it. I will tell others about your website.This is the first time I have received a follow up email from anyone I have ordered from online. I will definite buy from you again" 
- Linda from Dolton, IL

"Hi Wayne, I finally got the catalog thanks you I have been looking for merchandise like this for 6 years I live in GA and the only time you see things of this natural is at the African arts festival once a year now I would see more of a bigger variety in NYC in Harlem and Brooklyn so I am excited about ordering from your company I want a lot of the clothing that you have and as far as the beauty products I have been using shea butter and black soap for years I am looking forward to doing business with your company and to grow my business." 
- Valerie from Lawrenceville, GA

"I'm using the fabric for costumes in a play and it is perfect." 
- Cindy from West Caldwell,NJ

"The last items I ordered were specifically used in a presentation my daughter had to do for school and they were a HUGE hit. Thanks so much and I'll definitely be ordering from you again!"
- Ida from Schenectady, NY

"Thanks so much for following up with me. I am completely satisfied with everything that I purchased and I appreciate the catalogue and cd that was sent to me in the mail. I will be ordering more from Africa Imports very soon as I am due to start selling officially in February and will be in need of plenty more shea butter."
- Tykisha from Middletown, MD

"Everything was son was delighted with the shield and giving a copy of your catalog to others who have showed interest!! Keep up the good work." 
- Lavern from Princess Anne, MD

"I sure appreciate Africa Import's quality of customer service and follow-up. The Kalimba'sare excellent, much better quality and sound then the ones we are used to getting. I am extremely pleased to find Africa Imports as a new source.

We took the two weekends of the holidays off from our regular vending schedule; however we start back at the Fresh Market tomorrow and I can't wait to see how well they do, as well as the tic toc drums." 
-Jill from Pinellas Park, FL

"Everything was GREAT!  The unique things we were able to order through your business really helped make our boys' Christmas very special. Thank you." 
- Christi from Houston, TX

"I was very please with the order from Africa Imports. The man three-piece African set had more detail than shown in the book. I'm sure my customer will be pleased with his African suit. For the oatmeal soap, I used it this summer in a few of the hotels that used oatmeal soap and I had to have it for myself.  I'm glad you carry this type of oatmeal soap." 
- Leah from Wilkinsburg, PA

"I was thrilled with my order, I wore the two piece skirt set to
church on New Year's Eve for a special program and received numerous compliments on it."
- True from Pueblo, CO

"Please be advised the vast majority of articles received from your company have been above and beyond! Let me add it is always a pleasure to talk to your staff, they are always so nice."
- Sandra from Rochester, NY

"I really enjoyed the 2010 Obama calendar I especially enjoyed the clarity of the picture and they made great stocking stuffers" – Crystal from Crete, IL

"The gowns I got made for really nice presents, so I thank Africa Imports for being part of our Christmas."
- Armelle from Aiea, HI (c-ws140 & c-wf530)

"Everything  was great, as always! The patients at the CENTER for C.H.E.M. and residents at the Women's, Children's and Teens' Housing Consortium are always thrilled, when we give them gifts from Africa Imports."
- Rev. Dr. Gwendolyn from Belmont, MA

"My order was just fine. I am already all out of Shea Butter and the Dudu Sum Shampoo and the Dudu Sum Soap is going fast too. Thanks for following up." 
- Rhonda from Sacramento, CA

"Thank you for the follow up email. The shipment from Africa Imports arrived on time and in order. I am always impressed with your customer service, especially in this age of impersonal technology. Keep up the good work as I work at building more Africa Imports into our store inventory."
- Jardin from Coos Bay, OR

"My order was great. I had a show.  y theme was safari. I made all kinds of animal jewelry. I will be in touch when I need some more. Everything was great." 
- Brenda from Newport News, VA (j- n670 & j-n671)

"I have received my order and the products are wonderful. I wished I had purchased more Ruana's for holiday gifts. Thank for your follow up with me." 
- Sharon from Stockton, CA

"Thank you so much for your service. I received my order of 6 knitted kufi caps yesterday.  I liked the way this style of kufi cap fits me. It is very comfortable to wear."
- Ray from Houma, LA

"The order was great. My client was very pleased. They were reluctant at first to order the walking stick because they wanted to order the color and style.  But the one chosen and sent was just what she wanted.  Thanks so much." 
– Marie from Tallahassee, FL

"Yes everything is fine. My 80 yr old mother really likes the soy soap and the collegian cream as she has become very sensitive to many of her usual soaps, perhaps because of so much medication that she has to take."
– Betty from New Albany, MS

"Thank you so much for the follow-up. The order was received within an excellent time and we are now preparing for an additional order. It is nice to receive such good customer service." 
- Mettha from Richton Park, IL

"Hi Wayne!  Thanks for writing. I've been enjoying and selling Africa Imports products in a small but fun way. I have some regular customers and do the occasional show. I'm hoping to increase the business when I retire. I was very pleased with my last order, and will be submitting another order soon."
-  Kathleen from Virginia Beach, VA

"I was 100% satisfied with my order just as I have been on my previous orders. I was actually surprised how quickly I received the order; it was placed on Sunday night and received on Wednesday."
- Cynthia from Gastonia, NC

"Thanks Wayne, everything was perfect. My wife is going to make me a nice dashiki out of it for me to wear when I drum. Beautiful product."
- Joe from China Grove, NC (t-1709G)

"I just wanted to let u know that it was perfect! An thank u so much! Love the Shampoo and the tea, and also the Oil."
– Gerald from Chicago, IL

"Wayne as always I appreciate your customer service follow-up and the promptness with the delivery service. I enjoy using your products and as long as the customer service level stays the same I will always continue to use Africa Import products."
– Anthony from Owings Mills, MD

"Dear Wayne, I am very pleased with the two orders that I received. The Shealoe Butter is wonderful for my feet and elbows. It has been such along time since I've found just what I need for the ROUGH SPOTS!!!!!!!!(smile)." 
- Charlsetta Smith

"I am really getting to launch my ship here at the center. My clients are really into the products especially the soaps. You will be hearing from me very soon with my next orders."
- Barbra from Baltimore, MD

"Your merchandise is wonderful and your prices are great also. 
We are in the process of re-evaluating our business in order to expand our product lines. We sell modest clothing and head coverings to women all over the world via our web-store which has been so far, very successful for us.

I think that we will expand our offerings to carry your Dudu Osun soaps because they are wonderful, well priced and halal. We are also considering carrying some of your oils and a number of your African Imported clothing to add to our line.

Your Moroccan silver is also a great buy and something that our customers will enjoy. We are also considering offering some men's items.

Thank you again for your excellent customer support and follow-up. I am  looking forward to a very successful relationship with your company." 
- Renee from Hollywood , FL

"Yes Wayne, everything arrived just fine. I must compliment you on your selection of jewelry. I was very pleased with the items I chose, and have since received many many compliments! The two dresses and the kaftans are absolutely beautiful! I cannot believe how they fit so divinely!

I am always satisfied with your selection of health and beauty items. I use them religiously and my customers are enjoying them as well!" 
- Missy from Canton, OH

"Business with your company has been so very rewarding. The product knowledge is educational, motivate and teachable. Your business is very vast, nevertheless the special consideration of a "Thanks for Your Business" is so appreciated. Helping to feed others inspire me to increase my sales to help more. "
- Bonnie from Keego Harbor, MI

"Thanks for checking on me and my satisfaction with the order. I'm VERY pleased with everything so far--the products, the speedy delivery at a reasonable cost, the efficiency, the promotional materials that were included to help me get started-- everything! I also appreciate that the containers are nice and full of product. I will be ordering again very soon." 
- Lisa

"Everything was just great. Our drum club is really enjoying the
authentic instruments."
- Dia from Springfield, IL

"We were very satisfied with our order everything was so nicely packaged and it looked like you took the time to make sure that everything was perfect we loved our order so much that we have already placed another one we hope to continue to order from you."
Lateefah from Cincinnati, OH

"Everything went 100% perfect. Thank you for your follow-up. We are so impressed with your web site. Its easy to navigate. The purchase from your site was so simple compared to another African site we visited. We will be ordering more from your site as well as telling others of the swift and easy shopping there.

Have a great day and thank you so much for your individual attention to any of our concerns."
David & Vivian from San Antonio, TX

"I want you to know that I really appreciate your service to us. I have concluded that you guys are the very best at what you do. From placing my order on line to unwrapping each received item, 100% satisfied. Believe me when I say that everyone do
not take pride in packing and shipping. After shopping around for low cost oils I have come to the conclusion that you really get what you pay for. Thanks again for your professional service." 
Mary from Jackson, MS

"I am satisfied with my recent, order of the Herbal Hair Cream. Its texture i found to be right for my hair. Does not leave my hair feeling heavy or greasy. I appreciate your business and time with me on the phone."
Theresa from Reading, PA

"I received a telephone call from Jessica on Friday and advised her that I am very pleased with what I received.  I am a designer and am currently in the development stage of creating garments that I plan to make with the mudcloth that I purchased."
Edwenia from Stamford, CT

"Thank you for your concern, I love your products.  I have bought several times from your company and I have always been satisfied.. I will keep making purchases...Thank you."
Ailyn from Glendale Heights, IL

"I was very pleased with my order as well as my customer. She sent me an email in all caps stating OHHH......I LOVE IT. She purchased jewelry set, earrings and a bracelet. I've been taking order's via the catalog and plan to have a home party to display more items. I am definitely please with my order."
Annette from Charlotte, NC

"The Lotion and black soap is wonderful on my skin. I plan to give some to my family for Christmas."
Antoinette from Toledo, OH

"I love your products. I get many, many, many compliments and inquiries. The latest catalog I got with my order I am bringing to my Pharmacy as promised to the women who work there. Thank you so much."
Margaret from Yorktown, VA

"My son loved the dashiki. He will complete the evaluation later today, Oh and I absolutely loved you customer service young lady she was so pleasant and helpful.  You've gained a loyal customer."
Gladys from Brooklyn, NY

"I appreciate your after sales service. It is refreshing after having done business with another African Importer who seldom got things right and didn't seem to care. I plan on continuing to do business with you when the need arises."

"I am pleased to say that we have been happy with all the orders we have received from your company. They arrive in a timely fashion and are in intact. . Thank you for keeping our store up to par."
Renisha from Minneapolis, MN


"Hello Mr. Kiltz and company, Thank you for checking on my order. What a nice surprise to see this e-mail. It made me feel great that the message was directed personally at me and that you cared so much. I have made it a point to rate some of the products and will come back to the website to rate more as I have more time. I have not found any problems with any of the products and am sure that I will be nothing but impressed as time goes on. I have a deep respect for the art and culture and the connection I have with African Imports has deepened it more. There is so much information on your website that really enriches a persons respect for African. I love that you have the information there and I commend you for helping the orphans and people there. So many of us talk about it..., you know. 

I am a single mom running a home-based daycare and selling home-based products on the week-ends and sometimes during the week. My goal is to open a spiritual-based import type store here in town. I am very close to my goal and look forward to carrying your products when I do. In the main time, I fully intend to sell them just as I am now. There is a flea market here in town this week-end that I will be selling at. I live in a small town, so sales can be unpredictable at times, but I am sure I will do well in the long run. In any case, wish me luck! Thank you very much for your courtesy. We'll stay in touch, I'm sure.

Tami K from Gold Beach, OR

“Thank you for returning my call.  We'll see how things progress with this 5013c.  In the meantime I am truly enjoying the Dudu Osun soap and the shea butter.  My husband recently had surgery and the shea butter is working much better on eliminating his surgical scar than the prescribed treatment.”

“Thank you for your follow up. I really enjoy your products. My last order was packed excellently and was delivered in a timely fashion. Keep up the follow up, customers like myself really like the personalized service. I wish all companies were like yours."


Anthony from Owings Mills, MD

"I trust that all is well with you, your family and the good staff at Africa Imports. Thank you for this inquiry, this consideration is very generous of you, as I am certain that you must be very busy. Know that insofar all of our purchases have been more than satisfactory or merely okay, in fact they have been exemplary! The breadth of the Africa Imports inventory saves us time, money and resources so that we don't expend efforts trying to source merchandise because Africa Imports has done the work already! Unfortunately I have not kept up with the name's of the staff members that I have interacted with when placing orders by telephone, but they have all been both helpful and professional in their service to us. Thank you for offering the opportunity to communicate with you directly via telephone or email. I hope to drop by Africa Imports one day soon or at least before the summer ends."

Be well and continue to maintain the standard.

Andre' from Cambridge, MA

"We had a big going away party for our husbands who are going on Safari and left today. The things I bought from you were a big hit and everyone loved everything. So thanks a lot. It was nice to be able to get some things that they can use and everyone was trying to learn everything about some of the items. So it turned out perfect."

Gail from Post Falls, ID

"Thank you so much for your follow up. Our necklaces are awesome and look great in our dances. We even bought enough to use as anklets."


Heather from Escalante, UT

"Thank you for your email. We were completely satisfied with our order and loved unwrapping everything. Everything came in 1 piece...just 1 of our bags of cowrie shells broke open and we had a few damaged ones and had to fish the rest out of the bottom of the box! We are using the items we purchased for our October wedding and are so looking forward to creating a truly African experience with this order."


Crystal from Bellingham, WA

"Thank you for returning my call.  We'll see how things progress with this 5013c.  In the meantime I am truly enjoying the Dudu Osun soap and the Shea butters.  My husband recently had surgery and the Shea butter is working much better on eliminating his surgical scar than the prescribed treatment.”

Pam from Jacksonville, FL 

"The material is absolutely beautiful and we have cut it our for various pieces on our church altar.  It will really make our altar look proud.  You have beautiful items.  Am sure we will order others items later from you. Thanks again."


Nancy from Baltimore, MD

"First I would like to say how glad I am to have learned about your company. My shop is now open (Array),and I have gotten nothing but good and wonderful responses from my community, they are glad to see something different and  not have to travel to far. ITS ALL SO GOOD."


Gloria from Waverly, VA

"Thank you for following up on my purchase. Your website provided spectacular Customer Service. The fabric looks great. We were able to decorate our airport podiums for Black history month. We actually got a lot of compliments on the fabric. We also passed along your website to folks that wanted to know where to buy that fabric. Thank you for everything."


Jerry from Glen Bernie, MD

"I received my order on Friday like you said. It was great. The material was exactly like it was shown on the site and the bracelets were gorgeous. I am so excited to give them my dancers. I might need to go and get them matching necklaces."


Heather from Escalante, UT

"I just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service that you provide. All of the representatives are very informative of all the products and are willing to work with the customer. I appreciate that. You will definitely be getting more business from me."


Charles from Chicago, IL

"I am very pleased with my order.  My customers are 100% satisfied with the products. 

They enjoy the quality and the fast shipment of products.  Thank you for your advice on starting off with the soaps, oils, and shea butter.  It is a blessing!  Once my customers try these 3, they ask about other products. Now, I have a list of customers who buys the wholesale collection from us, and start their own little business.  Our business offer any customers who wants to help us with catalog sales, we offer them a small commission or free products for themselves based on their catalog sales.  Our business is beginning to grow.  We thank God for Africa Imports."


Evelyn & James from Greenbelt, MD

"Thank you for following up with me regarding my order. Everything arrived in perfect condition as I knew it would I have come to expect that kind of service from you.  As you may already know I have been a customer of yours since 2006 and through a lot of tough times I still  depend on you and your company to supply me with the best products.  This year means more to me then any other I am in the spring actually going to be located in my own store. I have always had my products in a store but never my own so as you may guess I am really excited about that. I will always do business with Africa Imports because over the years I have gained trust in your

company...So you know I will repeat my orders." 


Dawn from Detroit, MI

"Everything is just Great with my order. I sold out of the Dudu Osun soap I purchased. My customers love the samples ,I cut up for them. My customers absolutely love the Dudu Osun soap,they like how it moisturizes their skin ,leaving it feeling soft and subtle. Which is a must in this El Paso ,dry climate."


Deja from El Paso, TX

"I was very happy with the order.  My son is going to wear it to Immigration day at his elementary school.  He looks like an African king in it and he is very excited."


Patty from Manalapan, NJ

"Ally complemented mine and my mother's outfits.  The prices were amazing (within my budget) and the order was delivered on time. I will continue to shop at your site and give out your website address to potential customers.  Thanks again."


Rochelle from Plainfield, IL

I am delighted with my order.  The quality of the product & timely delivery; I am very pleased. In our town, I am known as the white lady that wears the African dresses.  Our church sponsors a church in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Their pastor brings over dresses & I have fallen in love with African apparel!  Thank you for providing me an additional resource for my exotic look.  Take good care & may God Bless your continued work."


Darice from Judson, TX

"Yes, the kids were very excited to add the shakers to their musical collection, and they are being used on a daily  basis ! I was very happy with the whole order process and delivery, and will be sure to shop with you again!"


Ken from Hinesville, GA

"I just wanted you to know that everything turned out wonderfully. The outfits were great and were the "hit" of the performance. Thank you to your company and John for the great customer service."


Heather from Montgomery, TX

"Thank you for the ease and personal customer service that Africa Imports provides. My package arrived safe & sound & all the items are beautiful. I know I will continue to do business with you. Thanks!"


Celeste from La Habra Heights, CA

"The fabric is absolutely beautiful!  I just finished making 15 dashikis for my drumming group at my elementary school for the Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration this coming Monday. I am recommending your website to the World Music Drumming Organization.  I am sure that when they learn of the quality and price of your fabrics, you will be getting much more business.

Thank you for your assistance."


Judith from Kenosha, WI


"Wayne, we received your product last week and are completely satisfied.  The African dress is being used for a middle school Junior United Nations presentation in a few weeks. You should have received around ten orders of this dress in various colors from the group of girls who will represent the country of Africa at the Junior United Nations.  The girls are going to look wonderful!!! Thank you."


Cindy from Birmingham, AL

"Everything was GREAT!  My wife is a World Geography teacher and uses outfits from the country she is teaching about.  She was very excited when she saw the outfit I got from African Imports."


Carl from Blaine, TN

"Thank you Wayne.  My order arrived in a timely manner and I was more than satisfied with my products as well as the service I receive from your company.  Please continue to provide the excellent customer service and I'm certain I will be placing another order some time soon."


Kimberly from Dayton, OH

"As usual my order was filled promptly with products that are the envy of everyone around me. People LOVE your stuff; especially the Shea Butter and the Dudu Osun soap. Your outfits are lovely too with people practically demanding to know where I got my jewelry and clothing. And it pleases me and my church no end to know that part of that money we spend goes to help

Africans. You're a great company!"


Trimelda from Idaho Falls, ID

"My bazaar was today and I just wanted to let you know that the products that I ordered from you were a huge hit. The African Black Soap with shea butter sold very fast. I am just really starting out in this industry and I am learning what works and what does not. I even have products that I private label but I am hooked on your products, especially the Nubian Heritage soaps." 

Lisa from Gambrills, MD

"The order was fine and the incense is great. My wife and I are children of the 60's and we love burning incense (a throwback to our teenage years). But it is hard to find good quality incense at a reasonable price. Your product was high quality and a great price. We will be your customers for a long time."

Bert Elizabeth City, NC

"I am unsure whether you noticed or not but the order received was my 2nd within a week. The Mass Choir of The New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, NJ, had their Christmas Concert and the attire was African Dress. After placing my order and loving the print, quality and texture, of my 3 piece suit, I informed several of the ladies about your catalog and website. They loved the various choices, colors and of course the inexpensive cost of your items, and let us not forget that we were able to receive our items within 2 days as promised."

Terry from Newark, NJ

"My order came right on time. I bought the clothing set for a friend of mine for Christmas. I know he well love the outfit. The lavender shea butter I bought was excellent quality and the price was much cheaper than the store I have been buying my Shea butter from locally. I make lavender & Shea butter gift baskets for friends."

Jennifer Northport, AL

"The outfit was the hit of the party. Our monthly couples group (3.5 couples) decided to throw an African dinner party. We utilized one of the local Ethiopian restaurants for food supplies, my wife dug into her cookbook vault and found some fabulous meals, and everyone dressed in their favorite African country garb. My outfit matched not only the Ethiopian style, but the colors fell right in line with my alma mater, LSU. So again, thanks for sending it so speedily and it was truly an awesome outfit."

David from Tucson, AZ

"Bride and groom looked magnificent in their garments- even better than the catalog models." 

Perry from Stockton, CA

"My 13 year old son, who was the recipient Christmas morning, was thrilled with both items. He has been wearing the skullcap virtually around the clock and loves the kalimba."

Jerry  from Medford, NJ

"I bought two black and white print Kaftan's (animal print) a while back at a good price. I kept one for myself and gave the other one away as a gift. I used mine, yesterday, for the first time. It looks beautiful on, and most of all I like the way the neck part is small, so that one doesn't have a loose, floppy neck opening. 

Joan from Bethesda, MD

"You guys did a super job on my first order ! I was completely satisfied, but what is more important is that MY" customer" was completely satisfied. I could not have done this without your company. I am working feverishly to grow my business . I have every intention to continue utilizing you as a major source for my business as it develops."

Angelo from San Antonio, TX

"I would like to thank you for the lessons that i have been receiving from you and I have taken the steps that you have talked about and have been productive at it."  

Ann from from Suffolk, VA

"The mudcloth scarf's and African details were amazing.....I will have the pictures on my computer very soon and will send you some of is very grand."

Shari from Palm Springs, CA

Surely I will be back in touch, my friends and I just adore the clothing; I am using myself to advertise the clothes and it is working well; I wore one of the outfits I ordered to church on last Sunday and six people wanted to know where I got the outfit from and while coming home another person wanted to know how they could get the clothing; so look out soon I will be flooding you with orders.

Trudy Lane from Houston, TX

"The customer is enjoying the elephant on his item. Thanks a lot for helping my business out with taking care of a current customer he is very happy with the item. Since this he have order some other items."

Damon from Manor, TX

"I received my order on time, just like I always have from Africa Imports. Your service is impeccable. It is always a good experience shopping at Africa Imports. It is very easy to navigate around your website. I have recommended your site to many people.

I am in love with the beautiful fragrances that you sell. I get compliments constantly on them. Keep up the great work."

Elizabeth from Mesa, AZ

"The products are great and the delivery is outstanding, I am considering getting your web site very soon. I like the way you do business, you are a very good business man and I could learn a lot from you."

Arthur  from Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you for caring enough to check on my satisfaction with my order from African Imports. I am very pleased with my order the colors and the designs are both beautiful We will be wearing them to Church this coming Sunday."

Alicia from Washington, DC

"As always, I am thrilled and pleased with my order. I love, LOVE, my tapestry coat which came with a purse & a hat. Not ONLY do I love it, but many clients of mine- strangers passing me-friends, have inquired about...where did I get that beautiful coat?! A couple of these people actually went to your site to order one-hey! New customers, yay! AND found other things that they loved as well."


KC from Benicia, CA

"I love everything that I have received. This is a very exciting time for me starting my new business. Thank you for being there for me. Also, as I progress I will be looking at starting a website and maybe becoming an associate of your site. Thank you again for your concern and help."

Blanche from Columbus, GA

"I was completely satisfied in your products and my show went extremely well. Thanks and because of the quality of your fragrance oils, I was able to book two more shows." 

Rexanne from Milwaukee, WI

"I am absolutely thrilled with African Imports and the outstanding articles it offers; my contentment is evident in the fact that in a four week period I have placed as many orders. Again, thanks for the quality merchandise and service."

Jeff from Vineland, New Jersey

"Your products are wonderful and I keep my shelves stocked with the majority of the same products from you, namely the organic African black soap, coconut oil, and dudu- osun black soap bars, zee, and Alata also (cant beat that price!!!!)"

Angela from Richmond, VA

"I was really surprised by how fast I received my products. I I love all of my soaps, and jewelry. You've definitely found a loyal customer here!" 

Daniel from Oak Park, IL

"I just wanted to send a Giant Thank You, to you and the crew at Africa Imports. I have talked to several of them and have nothing but good things to say about your company. With things, the way they are, it is difficult to find a few people willing and committed to making sure you are satisfied. But you found an entire team. They really know customer services.... How did you happen to put together an entire team? Wonderful job."

Sherry from Clarksdale, MS 

"My wife was thrilled to have receive these kaftans, one of her friend gave her one for her birthday several years ago, and she wears it a LOTS, but I couldn't locate any shop that carries these products."

Terry from Little Rock, AR

"Thanks a lot I took my chance and wore it to church and a lot of senior citizen likes the dress. I always was very happy about my dress. My husband also started to like it. I say thanks again for the outfit, I want something that other people didn't have and I did just that."

Tammy from Greensville, NC

"As the president and Director of two companies, I have been purchasing from Africa Imports for many of the 13 years I have been in business. Consistent and effective order fulfillment, fabulous customer service and great product selection keep me coming back. In fact, I encourage other businesses, including nonprofit organizations, to open accounts with Africa Imports. The cultural items have been perfect gifts and sale items for our special events and fund raisers. It is a positive way to promote heritage and cultural knowledge, appreciation and respect for different African cultures. I also purchase many items myself (personal items like pocketbooks and earrings, plus home decorating showpieces) and people always ask me where i get them. Many of the items are one-of-a-kind pieces that you will no find anywhere else. Last year, I had the honor to meet Wayne Kiltz and visit the warehouse in New Jersey. He gave me a lot of his time even though he was busy working. I was pleasantly surprised by his company's attention to detail and the conscientious nature of this import business. I enjoy working with them and highly recommend them to others."

Angela from Princeton, NJ

"Everything is great. I'm knew to ordering from you, so this first order was for things I wanted to try out before I sell them. I like to be able to talk about the product. The only way to do that is to use them. I bought the set of products for acne, for my fourteen year old son. His face looks better already! I'm really pleased with that. Thanks for your concern, I really appreciate it."

Gwenevere from Raleigh, NC

"Thank You for the absolute wonderful way that you and your staff always respond to my issues. I had ordered a girls African set for my granddaughter and it turned out to be to large for her, so I returned it and your staff were wonderful, once you had received the package back your staff called to let me know and then filled my replacement order right then on the phone.

I would like to take this opportunity to say: YOU SHOULD AND CAN BE EXTREMELY PROUD OF YOUR BUSINESS AND ESPECIALLY YOU STAFF. I have ordered several items for myself and they have been great, I have received numerous compliments when ever I wear them."

Malcom from Pueblo, CO


"Our order was wonderful, as usual.  Today, we were vendors at the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park, NY (The Cloisters in upper Manhattan).  Your jewelry in particular was a big hit with the patrons!  Thank you for carrying such beautiful products.  Our customers truly appreciate them." 

Judith from East Newark, NJ

"I am very pleased and already am planning my next purchase. My daughters love the jewelry, so I will most definitely continue my business with your company. It is heart warming to finally find a company who has so many of my African Cultural things. I now can also decrease my sewing activity and enjoy purchasing the same things i love wearing as well." 

N. Shaine from Bogart, GA


"It must be the thing to do at Africa Imports.  What I mean by that is:  I placed my very first order & was treated like a long lost loved family member.  Now I get a note from you.  I must say The "Personal Touch" really ranks as number 1 in my people to do business with category.  Your Client Service Reps. leave nothing to be desired in the way of professionalism which is a reflection of who you are.  Please know I will by all means be a repeat client." 

Diane from Philadelphia, PA


"As I am writing you I have already ordered my second order and already putting together my third order. My wife and I are truly excited about this opportunity!!!! There are so many great products we had to take a month to figure out what products we wanted to sell first for our business. Your free articles on your website has also helped tremendously. I will give you one example: There are people (business) that sell shea butter, but they can't tell you how to use it or the different uses of the product. Many people have also been turned off of shea butter myself included because of not knowing how to break it down. I love your products, and we are truly excited number one the products! Number two the opportunity of starting our own business with these products! Number three Just able to share these wonderful (natural) products with my community." 

Michael from Wyoming, MI


"I actually ordered the goat drum head for my son and he was quite pleased with it so I can say we are completely satisfied. Thank you for your fast response and concern." 

Beth from Park City, KY


"Everything was fine. I received my earrings two weeks ago and I love them! Thanks for following up with me." Regards,

Nakia from Richmond, VA


"First of all let me tell you how much i appreciate this e-mail, 

especially now a days when customer service is almost extinct, your customer service is OUTSTANDING and I want to thank you, and your staff for all your great help, everything turned out great, and I will continue to do business with your great company. Once again I want to thank you for your great customer service, and professionalism."

Eduardo from Santa Rosa, CA


"The fans are very nice. My wife had bought a similar one at a street fair a few years ago, but the handle broke, so I was happy to find your web site to replace it. Yours are wrapped with leather so it should last a lot longer."

Brian from El Cerrito, CA


"I would like to thank you for inquiring as to my satisfaction with your product(s). It certainly is nice to know one's patronage is appreciated and considered. 
This is my second purchase from Africa Imports. The product(s) I've received have been great! I have bought Shea Butter from other merchants but it did not compare to the quality that you have. There was definitely a difference in the texture and I also think purity of the product as well. The Raw Black Soap I simply love. I have not been able to find that anywhere. It lasts for so long and I believe in it's purity as well. I've seen a lot of black soap on the open market but was very skeptical to purchase. Mainly because it was refined and I was not interested in that. I wanted the soap to be as pure as possible. Needless to say I'm very happy with my product(s) and the fact that you took the time to seek my opinion. I have certainly shared your web site and brochure(s) I've received in the mail with my friends."

Shaun from New Brunswick, NJ



"I was indeed very pleased with my order, and now have three sisters and a mother clamoring to get their own (I took them to Jamaica on vacation last week). So you will be receiving more orders from me very soon!" 

Diane from New Rochelle, NY

"All merchandise came in perfect condition & the recipients Were very pleased with their gifts. I was very happy as to How quickly I got my orders. Good job."

Kim from Coventry, CT


"Thank you - arrived just when you said it would! 
Everything fit great and I appreciated the catalogs. We will certainly look to order from you in the future." 

Shelbie from Stoughton, WI


"Wayne, of the 12 plus businesses that i have worked with over the past five years your is one that is set miles apart from the others. The quality of products is wonderful but more than any thing else it is your genuine business to business relationship that is so appealing. I have always said that followers are only as good as their leader. With that said it appears that you take the time to screen your team of sales people and train them to offer the most pleasurable shopping experience possible. 
I had come to enjoy talking to Bernard, Romeo, John, and all the others. Establishing a business relationship with trust is so essential in a world where "quota" seems to exceed relationships and quality. You obviously had an awesome vision and have managed to do things in a manner above the business norm."

Letrice from Springfield, ILL


"The wooden giraffe mask I ordered was a perfect match to the one that one of my kids friends "borrowed" without permission. It was a match to a wooden zebra I bought from a local African import store that is now out of business. I had been looking for an authentic carved wooden mask, not an imitation alabaster one. Your prices were very reasonable, your service was prompt, and the packing was protective. What more could I ask?"

Robbie from Erie, CO


"Everything was fine with our order. I am particularly like the Batik paintings and am pretty sure they will sell very well. We own a Christian Bookstore with a predominantly African American customer base. I am always trying to find new, appropriate things for the customers. While the paintings may not necessarily say "Christian", they do say "heritage", and that is what my customers like to see when it comes to gift selections."

LaNita from Indianapolis, IN


"What can I say? I am always please and 100% satisfied. I know if I should have a problem you will fix it. All is well and I plan to place another order soon. Have a bless day and keep up the great work."
Donna from Enfield, NC


"Everything was wonderful.. As a matter of fact my partner and I are discussing becoming affiliates of Africa Imports." Alethea from Ellenwood, GA


"Thanks for the follow-up e-mail. I love everything I have received from Africa Imports and I intend to get more merchandise in about a month. So you can expect to get more of my business. I appreciate the service I have received over the telephone and the prompt shipment of my items." 

Barbara from Washington, DC


"Everything was and that I was very, very pleased with the items I'd ordered, how quickly I received them and how they looked. Everything was just perfect and this will not be the last time I will order from your company. In fact I will pass the word on to others so that they can benefit from the prices, prompt service and selection."

Gale from Hyattsville, MD


"Yes, I was very happy with the bracelets and the fan that I bought. I was going to give one of the bracelets to Wangari Maathais who spoke at the university here, but the auditorium was so crowded I couldn't get near her. Anyway, I've loved what I've gotten from your store and am very impressed by your customer service and follow up. I do check your catalogues and will start branching out into your incenses, etc."

Lucinda from Santa Ana, CA


"It's that time of year again to place my bulk order of Dudu Osun from Africa Imports. I just realized from my order history with your company that my family is using approximately 72 bars every six months. Again, this is the ONLY bath soap we use since it helps relieves our acne and eczema issues. Would it be advisable to just order 144 bars for the entire year instead of making two orders (usually placed each
January and July)? Please advise."
Marie from Morrison, CO


"Received the goods this week and I was really impressed with the quality, I'm sure I will have no problem in selling them and will be back for more."
Thank you very much
Anne from Bromley, Kent.


"Oh my goodness your products are awesome and more than what I expected. I am really excited and satisfied. I sold out all of the ethnic items I purchased from your company. I have another small order on its way this Tuesday. I will be ordering more midweek. Someone just purchased the brass and copper cuff off of my wrist at a off broadway play in Hollywood. I kid you not. I tried giving the lady my card but she was adamant she wanted it now! LOL I will definitely be ordering biweekly if not weekly. I am interested in info about giving parties and product info ie: the history of items such as Tuareg, etc. Thanks so much for your  follow up."
Letieia from Upland, CA


"I have been ordering from Africa Imports for the past few years. My orders have always arrived in a quick time period. I do a lot of internet shopping, your mailing and delivery is the best I have come across in years. I am so satisfied with everything I have ever ordered. I receive so many compliments on my jewelry, the fragrance beads have filled my home and office with a wonderful smelling air, they really work! I just wanted to say thank you for offering such beautiful products. Of course I will be continuing to order from you on a regular basis." 
Bonita in PA

"Yes everything was a-ok with this order, thank you for taking care of this so fast and I look forward to doing business with you again."
Best Regards
Ronnie Tampa, FL


"Yes, I was very happy with my order, and it arrived right on time. I would love to continue receiving catalogs. I plan to order more of the soapstone statues. 
Thanks so much for the follow up email.
Have a great day!"
Jessica Richmond, VA 


"Everything was fine. especially the dashiki caftan! I would definitely recommend you to other small businesses and people such as myself who are just starting out for themselves. also, thank you for your assistance when I needed it. Good customer service is RARE in these times."
Fatima from Nashville, TN 


"Thank you so much for your continued interest in whether or not I am satisfied with my purchases. I was truly satisfied with everything and will continue to support your business as you continue to have beautiful quality merchandise. Best Regards."
Addie from Richmond, VA


"Yes, as usual we were very happy with our order. Thank you for asking. I know that you sell the oil Eternity for men. Have you ever considered selling Eternity for women. I have had quite a few people as about Eternity, so I just thought I would see if this is something you may carry in the future."
Best Regards,
Denise Isanti, MN


"I am very satisfied with the ebony elephant bookends (even their tusks were wrapped very well). It was shipped immediately." 

Karen Palter from Philadelphia, PA


"I really appreciate the information on starting my own business. I wanted to have my own business but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do." 

Andrea Spanish Lake, MO


"The items I ordered were all right. Most of them were mailed to my customers in my hometown-the Virgin Islands and they were satisfied. I noticed that many of my customers in Tampa have been purchasing white attires especially the African wedding outfit. I just can't keep it on my model long enough. To ensure some women that that's the only one I have and no one else will be wearing the same outfit like it. I keep one in the store at all times. They say that they are glad that I don't carry a lot of the same items (I try to please my customers in every way) I keep my prices affordable to all that is below your suggested prices. I also give discounts to the elderly. If someone wants an item and they only have soo much money-I take what they have. Thanks for your company.
Your website is the best. May God bless you."
Melbie from Tampa, FL

"Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service. I will take another inexpensive dress with my next order. If you can just inform me on how to process that free item. I am wearing these dresses along with my mother and people are loving them. I have ordered several catalogs. I hope my business will prosper."



"Yes, everything was completely satisfactory. The dresses were just as they were pictured in your online catalog. Thank you for the postage upgrade. I wasn't sure which to choose. Postage to Hawaii is sometimes prohibitive. The delivery rate was very reasonable. The first company that I looked at was going to charge over $45.00 for one item. Thank you for the catalog that came with the order. I will be ordering again soon."
~ Betty 



"Thank you for your courtesy. The credit to my account I will confirm with my next statement. If there is a question I will contact you. Your products and service have been excellent. I will contact you with additional orders. Thanks again for your concern." 
~ GREEN Altamonte, FL


"I have to tell you that I am extremely touched and impressed with the quality of your merchandise. My husband and I are in the business plan stages of a cultural gift basket business and I know that Africa Imports is going to be a major filler for these baskets. Thanks again for the great opportunity!" 
Kathryn from NY

Janice in LA

"I am very pleased that you took the time to address my concerns. I will continue to be a customer because I know you really care about your customers, and will try to provide the best service possible.  Again, thank you!" 

Loretta from MI