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Top 12 Designer Oils - Dram (1/8oz.)

Set includes the following oils: Beyonce Heat (W) Type, Baby Phat Dare Me (W) Type, Ed Hardy (M) Type, Ed Hardy (W) Type, Halle Berry Pure Orchid (W) Type, Issey Miyake (M) Type, Issey Miyake L'eau Bleue Type, Patti LaBelle (W) Type, Pink Sugar (W) Type, Queen Latifah Type, Unforgivable (M) Type, White Diamond (W) Type.
Oils Sets May Change Without Notice O-12dramDesigne
Sku: O-12DramDesigne
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Top 12 House Oils - Dram (1/8oz.)

Set includes 12 favorite fragrances for oil burners
Oil Set May Change Without Notice. O-12dramHouse
Sku: O-12DramHouse
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Set Of 126 Fragrances - Dram (1/8oz)

Get it all!
Don't miss out on anything when you get this set of 126 fragrances. Get a sampling of every fragrance you crave with this fun opportunity! Set of Oils Includes 126 Of Our Best Selling Fragrances! O-126dramS
Sku: O-126dramS
Wholesale: $95.00 Retail: $190.00

Set Of 12 Top Oils - 1 oz.

This Set Includes The 12 Best Selling Oils!
This set includes: Oils Sets May Change Without Notice. O-SE12oz
Sku: O-SE12oz
Wholesale: $39.95 Retail: $79.90

Set Of 12 Barack Obama Oils - Dram

Sku: O-12BarackObama
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Top 12 Black Icon Oils - Dram (1/8oz.)

Celebrate The Greatest Black Icons
with Twelve fragrances that embody their beautiful, innovative spirits. O-12dramicons
Sku: O-12DramIcons
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Set Of 200 Best Selling Oils: 1/3 oz.

Sku: O-200SET
Wholesale: $300.00 Retail: $600.00

Set Of 96 Oils - 1/3 oz.

Set of Oils Includes 96 Of Our Best Selling Fragrances! O-SE96
Sku: O-SE96
Wholesale: $179.95 Retail: $359.90

Set Of 12 Pink Sugar Oils - Dram

Sku: O-12PinkSugar
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Set Of 12 Micheal Kors (W) Oils - Dram

Sku: O-12MichealKors
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Set Of 12 Michelle Obama (W) Oils - Dram

Sku: O-12MObama
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90

Set Of 12 Black Woman Oils - Dram

Sku: O-12BlackWoman
Wholesale: $9.95 Retail: $19.90