Review our return policy and direct any questions to (201) 457-1995. You will need your account informationorder number that the return is being made from, and the item number that is being returned to complete this process. 

All the items you want to return must be returned within thirty days of the original purchase date given on the invoice enclosed with your order. There is a 10% restocking fee for anything returned after thirty days. No returns are accepted 60 days beyond the purchase date. Returns received without this paperwork will slow down your return, and may cause confusion and cost you a fee.

  • No returns on used personal care items
  • Clothing must not be soiled or laundered.

Step One: Log In to your account

Click the “Login” tab and scroll to the bottom of the screen. Next enter your entire email address (e.g. and password in the spaces provided. Click “Secure Server”. This will bring you to your welcome screen where you can access all of your account information.

Next locate the “My Account” on the bottom of the screen. Click on “Return merchandise”. This will bring you to the “Order status” screen. Scroll down to the last option entitle “Return Merchandise”. Then click the down arrow to select your compensation option. YOU MAY:

  • Return merchandise for a store credit for future use
  • Return merchandise for a refund via the way the item was paid for.
  • Return merchandise for a replacement or repair.

Step Two: Locate your previous Order

Next select two dates that the order was placed in between. For example, if you know you ordered the merchandise some time during the month of May but you aren’t sure which date, you can select May 1st through May 31st.

Click “Submit”. This will bring you to a list of invoices from orders you placed during the time between the dates that you put in.

Now take a moment to view each invoice by clicking on the “invoice number”. This will bring you to a detailed list of items that were purchased on this invoice. Once you locate the items you wish to return move on to the next step.

Step Three: File your Return Merchandise Authorization

Click the “Select box” next to the item to select the item you wish to return. Then enter the amount of that item you wish to return in the “quantity box”. For example if you only ordered one then you would type in a quantity of 1.

Next click “continue”. This will bring you to the “RMA Returns” Screen. Take a moment to review the return summary for accuracy. Then enter areason for your return” in the space provided. Be clear about what was wrong with the item and what you would like to have done about it. Be sure to review the instructions for the return. Lastly check your shipment address for accuracy and chose the method in which you will be delivering your return back to us.

Click “Create RMA” button to finish the process. This will bring you to your complete return authorization form. Print a copy of it and include it in the box with the item being returned. This way your return can be handled exactly as you wan it to be. Thank you for your business. We appreciate you!

What To Do If Something Is Damaged

Damages must be reported within five business days in order to process the appropriate claims and send out replacements in an efficient manner.

  • Do not discard the original shipment box or its packaging.
  • Do not return damaged items without notifying us first to obtain instructions
  • Do note any damages to the exterior of the box on the invoice received with the package, and highlight all damaged items.