Retail Pricing

How to see and order for yourself at retail prices. 

The prices shown on this site are wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are the lower prices that stores and other businesses pay for the products they sell. To get these prices, you need to have a business and order at least $100.00 of merchandise.

If you do not own a business, and you want to order less than $100.00 right now, you still can. You can pay the higher retail prices. These are normally double the wholesale prices shown. If this is what you want, sign in with a retail account. And place your order.  

Set up your retail account here 

If you would like to find an African store near you where these products are sold, you can see a list of these here. 

You can also decide to become a wholesaler and start your own business at any time.  Simply change your account type to wholesale and order either the Easy Business Starter Kit or any order of $100 or more (before shipping).